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When it comes to printing the color white, metallic looking colors or even the shiny foil look, most home and office printers, just do not make the grade. However, some of the products in the Alps printer line can tackle the job. Alps printers use the most advanced technology in order to bring you a piece of equipment that is highly efficient, using thermal parts and lower power consumption. In addition, the gears in these Alps printers made precisely so as to avoid printer displacement of paper when printing.

Printer uses thermal resin

These Alps electronic printers are within the reach of the more enthusiastic home technology buff. They are also great for the small or medium sized productive office. Perhaps one of the most popular models is the Alps MD printer. The MD stands for micro dry and this printer uses thermal resin. Ink jet printers use ink cartridges and laser printers use powdered toner that prints dry. With the Alps MD printer, it uses cartridges with ribbon that uses resins containing pigments. Using heat (referencing the thermal), it bonds these micro dry inks from the cartridges onto the paper.

Printer has individual ribbons

The cool thing about the Alps MD printer is that when it prints pictures, they are dry and have waterproof, fade-proof and smear-proof qualities to them. The reason is that the ink is dry on the ribbon. This is the printer that can print in metallic colors, standard colors from the CMYK palette and even a foil look in gold and silver. Unlike inkjet cartridges, this printer has individual ribbons so that if one color starts fading, you just have to replace one individual ribbon rather than all of them.

Alps printer capabilities

Another important quality of the Alps MD printer line is that you can print on most mediums such as regular paper, transparencies, card stock, transfer paper, foiled backgrounds and even t-shirt transfer material. With the photographic qualities, you are sure to be pleased with the Alps printer capabilities.

Cheap Alps printers

You can find cheap Alps printers or discount Alps printers through wholesalers, resellers, and even online auctions. In addition, you can find various accessories, cables and such for it as well. Just remember the name – Alps printers. When you start needing a specialized printer more and more, think Alps.

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