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Apollo is a name you may not associate with printers but once you know more about them it will become clearly to you. Apollo is a company in a company as they were created by HP to compete with Canon and Lexmark’s low end printers. HP was hoping these printers would carve a niche for them in the low-end market for printers. Apollo’s concept was to use a very low cost and also make the ink cartridges very affordable to people for home or business.

The high end printers

I can talk a lot about Apollo printers as I’ve owned several different models and I will say they were very well designed and worked extremely well. I bought an Apollo P-2500-U and it printed very well and was as good as the high end printers I have that cost me a lot more. The only two drawbacks I did have with the Apollo printer were the Ink cartridges are sometimes hard to get out and finding ink for them was sometimes a big hassle.

So, where is the Apollo brand now you may ask? That’s a very good question as most stores don’t sell them any more as HP has lower end products that sell for about the same price and I think they have shelled the Apollo line for now. This I think was a big mistake for a number of reasons.

HP printers

Many people who may not been happy with HP printers would try these as an alternative. How do I know this you may wonder? Real simple that’s why I tried the Apollo line. I really wasn’t happy with my HP printer and didn’t want to spend a lot on a new printer and the Apollo brand was the perfect choice for me. It did the job I need and filled a void between a high end printer and a low end printer. Consumers want the most from their money and the Apollo did deliver that and I know had to bring in new customers for HP.

Advertising was really nonexistent for the Apollo and it looks like it will just die a slow death on my computer desk. Hopefully HP will see that they had a good product and will tweak it and bring in back in the future.

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