HL-2070N printer models

The Brother TN 350 ink cartridge fits the HL-2040 and HL-2070N printer models. For the price, anywhere from $25.00-$58.00 depending on where you buy it, it provides excellent quality for the money. The Brother TN 350 has an estimated life of 2500 pages and produces the high quality, clear quality you come to expect with Brother Products.

Laser machines

One of the best things about the Brother line of laser machines is the affordable toner replacement cartridge. Many people tell me that because printer cartridge replacements are so expensive, they often resort to just buying a new printer instead. Many times if you shop around and find great clearance deals you can land a good printer for the price of an ink cartridge. Something seems really wrong about that, but it is true. The only other alternative, if you are looking for a cheap toner replacement is to shop places like EBay. However nowadays, even EBay doesn’t even have the greatest prices when you take into account the rip off for shipping half of the time. Brother, however is very reasonably priced on both their high quality printers and the replacement toners, such as the TN 350.

You printed a document

The Brother TN 350 toner is great in that it does not require the contents to be removed and or shaken to get completely empty. That is probably one of the biggest complaints among consumers. How many times have you printed a document just to see you are low on ink after it has printed? So like many people, you take out the cartridge and give it a shimmy shake, replace it back into the printer and like magic you have ink again! Too many ink cartridges are designed this way and to me it signifies poor quality and definitely poor design by the companies. The fact that the Brother TN 350 has an automatic “toner low” light says high quality in design for sure.

Brother printer I highly recommend

Another good selling point for the Brother TN 350 is the apparent ease of use. The cartridge is very easy to install, even for the technically challenged. If you do not have a brother printer I highly recommend investing in one, they are the best on the market.

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