Cartridge are usually used in your printers and they hold ink which is used to print your images. A cartridge all in a seal cased and unless you really know what you’re doing you don’t want to open it. You may ask why well some cartridges especially toner one’s have powder in them and if opened they can make a real mess and affect your breathing to. Though most cartridges only hold ink you must know what your opening. Cheap ink cartridges are another market that has been growing every month. Before you could only get a cartridge from the company who made your printer but that has changed now.

Cheap Ink Cartridges

Cheap ink cartridges are now made by aftermarket companies and you will see a big difference in prices. Name brand cartridge can run between 30-50 dollars where a aftermarket can sometimes cost up to 50 percent less. That’s a real savings especially if you’re a business and you do a lot of printing. Now many people do question if the printer ink is as good as brand name cartridges. From what I’ve found out it is, but we really don’t know do we. I’ve learned that when a cartridge is on sale and you need them for your printer gets as many as you can afford as they aren’t put on sale very often.

Different Companies Brand of Cartridge

One other good piece of advice is a lot of times you may think that you can interchange different companies brand of cartridge with your printer. They may look the same, but not perform up to the standard that your use to. Always use the ones that are called for and you should have no troubles. I’ve tried using ones that look like the same as the one I had and it was an expensive mistake so it’s always buyer beware when you don’t get the right one.

How long does an ink cartridge usually last? That’s a good question and a lot will depend on how much your print and the quality of your prints. A high quality print will take alot more ink so beware of that. Don’t use high quality prints unless you want to buy ink alot.

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