Compaq Printer – Good Things Come In Small Packages

Whether you travel with your laptop and need a small printer or you just don’t have the room on your desk, a compaq printer can best serve your needs.


To define what a compaq printer is, it is a solitary type of printer mainly used to print photos. These compaq printers are small, lightweight for easy portability. For the most part, these printers outputs four by six inch photo prints, usually from a digital camera. However, there are also compaq laser printers for business use as well.

The compaq photo printers can be used alone or by being connected to a computer. Many people who buy a compaq printer do so because they want to produce their own photos instead of waiting a photo service to develop film. It seems that instant gratification is more commonplace than ever before.

Due to the explosive growth of printing photos at home, many of the major electronics companies jumped on this bandwagon and created the compaq printer. The problem was that many of them claimed to be the best compaq color photo printer. For several brands, it sometimes boiled down to which piece of equipment looks the best. For others, features were compared to see which ones were most promising for you. There was the compaq fast color printer along with the compaq inkjet printer. The compaq disk printer is another option to choose from which printed images straight onto the non-data side of the CD. You could create your own CD label that way.

There is also the choice of laptop compaq printers. These are perfect for business people on the road who have to stay productive. The compaq laser printer is fairly new to the market. It produces crisp documents, all from a little printer.

The compaq printer market is poised for more growth and they are often targeted to the demographics that love to print their own pictures. With the compaq color printer, you could produce some great photos with ease. And because a large part of the market that buy the compaq printer does it for the picture printing capabilities, you will discover quite a few editing tools and such to touch up your photos. In fact, with several of these compaq printers that print photos, they sometimes also have an LCD display built-in along with capabilities to be plugged into your digital camera. There are so many options to think about!

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