Okay, now that you have your printer maintenance kits what do you do next. Let’s see if we can get starting with the preventive maintenance on your printer. First, thing is lets open our print maintenance kits and make sure we have everything we need.

Printer Maintenance Kit Contains

A print maintenance kit contains the following a paper pickup roller, paper feed/ separation rollers, fuser assembly, and a transfer roller. You should have all these in your print maintenance kits.

Let’s now look at each part of the printer maintenance kit and see what role it plays in your printer maintenance. First let’s take a look at the paper pickup roller. This part is used to pick up and feed the paper through. This roller is subject to a lot of wear and tear and should be replaced when wore.

Working of Transfer Roller in Printer Maintenance Kit

Printer maintenance kit have many ornaments like transfer roller is another part of the kit and runs the width of the paper path is just below the toner cartridge. This roller is electrically charged and is vital in the printing process. The transfer roller is also subject to mechanical wear and should be replaced with the paper pickup roller.

This is the assembly which uses heat and pressure to “fuse” or melt the toner into the fibers of the paper or media. Because of the heat and pressure it’s under premature failure is common with this part. As you can see the print maintenance kits can help you make sure breakdowns don’t happen and keep your business moving along.

Cheap Printer Maintenance Kits

Cheap printer maintenance kits also can be bought for people who want to do it at a cheaper price. These kits are for people who want to do-it themselves. One word of warning though make sure you know what you’re doing as a mistake could in the end cost you a lot more than its worth. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to do it myself and in the end only pay more in the long run because I made a mistake. Printer’s maintenance are just a different breed that’s for sure. As always take your time and follow the instructions you’re given and you should be fine.

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