One thing that has come a long way is printer paper. A long time ago you really had only one choice and that was paper that was really thin and not really very good for reproductions. That’s has sure changed a lot now though. Printer paper now comes in various weights, colors and for different uses. Printer paper now also comes with designs on their borders so you can have a professionally looking sheet of paper with very little work on your part. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of printer paper that is out there.

Greeting Card Printer

Greeting card printer paper is use for greeting cards that you can design on your computer. It use to be you had to go to the gift store to

Make your own greeting cards. Not anymore with the abilities of greeting card printer paper anyone can be an artist and design and send there own greeting cards to anyone.

Another printer paper that has become really popular is photo paper. Photo paper comes in different sizes and let’s you print your favorite photos right off your computer. You may wonder what is so great about that. It makes it some much easier for a couple of reasons. If you want to make extra prints as long as you have photo paper you can print as many as you want and keep them or give them to your friends. One of my other favorite things is the photo paper out now keeps getting better and you can also control the quality of the print to.

Specialty Printer Paper

One other specialty printer paper I love to use is matted paper. It gives the feel of importance and quality you can’t find in regular paper. Businesses use it to make business cards and send letters out to important clients. Printer paper sure has come along way and I’m sure as the months and years go buy it will just get better and more and more options will be available to computer users. Consumers are the real winners when we talk about today’s printer paper and all we can do with it.

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