Printer ribbons are devices that are used usually in older printers to print your images to your paper. Some new printers do use them depending on what kind of printer it is. Printer ribbon are alot cheaper usually than the cartridge system that most new printers tend to use today. Printer ribbon can usually be refilled and usually last a long time. Even if they do need replaced they can usually be bought locally or sent for on the internet.

Companies lately have gotten away from printer ribbon as cartridges tend to hold more ink and are more reliable. A ribbon can break than you have to change it. Very seldom will a cartridge every break which makes it usually a better choice. Now don’t get me wrong alot of printers with ribbons do print very well. There still is a market for it or they wouldn’t be making them. Printer ribbon use to be really big in word processors and typewriters, but have seen a downturn with the laptop computer really becoming popular among consumers. You can do so much more with a computer and that’s probably why.

Printer ribbons are still used though alot in dot matrix printers as businesses have these especially mom and pop organizations. Portable ID card printers are also another market for printer ribbons. This is an emerging market as more and more companies are making these machines. ID printer ribbons are not all created equal though. Some of the ID printer ribbons are better made than others. Sony makes some of the best ID printer ribbons around and the color and clarity will make your ID cards stand out from the crowd.

As you can see printer ribbons keep on evolving and changing as years go buy. From word processors to printers and now used for ID cards where will printer ribbons end up next. That’s a good question and the answer maybe anywhere. As technology gets better and more and more products are introduced you just never know what will happen. I think I will just sit back and enjoy the ride. As it should be alot of fun.

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