Printer toner is a powder that is used I today’s laser printers and photo copiers. A long time ago you use to have a bottle and would fill a reservoir to replenish the printer toner. In today’s technology cartridges are now used for this process. The powders that use to be used would sometimes get into the air and was known to cause breathing problems for people with asthma and Bronchitis. That’s why printer toners went to the cartridge system.

Today’s Printer Toner

Today’s printer toner is made a little different from the earlier power form that was used. Printer toner is now compressed into a pellet form and then turned in a powder. Companies found out though if you a chemical process to grow printer toner particles you can get a more uniform shapes and better color reproduction for printing and also more cost effective for the company. This process has been adapted by most everyone now.

Copy Printer Toner

Most copy machines use a copy printer toner and get tons of use in today’s business world. A copy printer toner is the most cost effective way for businesses to do mass printing without having it done by Outside contractors. Replacing the printer toner should always be done by a certified professional so the business gets the correct replacement Printer toner for the machine. The right printer toner cartridge will help make the copy machine run better and continue to do its job with fewer breakdowns.

Printer Toner Cartridge

Many people often wonder how long does a printer toner cartridge usually last. That’s a very good questions and one that are very easy to answer. You should use the cartridge within one year of buying it. The longer you hold onto it without using it the less effective it may become. Remanufactured printer toner cartridges are another thing that people will buy instead of the original equipment. They are tested just like new ones, but at a much lower cost. A lot of people wonder if remanufactured printer toner cartridge hold just as much as new ones. The answer is yes it does. It’s just like the original that came with it. The more you know about your copier and printer toner will help you troubleshoot and make sure you don’t run into any problems.

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