Printer wheel is the wheel that produces high quality type and were used on older printers. The use of printer wheel aren’t used as much as they use to be. With the use of an ink cartridge and using less and less part the printer wheel is dying a slow death. I don’t think they will ever be totally gone as different companies still use them so the printer wheel will always be around. Cheap printer wheels are another way to replace a printer wheel if you need it.

Printer Wheel Contains

A printer wheel contains all the characters you see on a keyboard and is attached to a wheel so as the printing process starts each character is struck to make the image you need. This system has been around for a very long time. Why don’t more people use it? Companies have gotten away from it as printers now have software that feeds ink cartridges that do that. Another reason is accuracy.

Older Printer Wheels

The older printer wheels use to double strikes and you would have double letters. The new models don’t do that anymore and the improvements have been great. I think that companies got away from them as it was more cost effective to go another way. Either system though works very well.

Making Printer Wheels

Lexmark still makes printer wheels for their older model printers and letter writers. People still use these machines as they give quality work and people loved them and don’t like to change. Like most of us when we get use to something we sometimes don’t like that evil word change. Change can sometimes be hard on most people so having print wheels still available is important .We each have little things we love that makes us happy and when there gone we aren’t happy. As technology gets better change i guess comes and sometimes passes us over.

So as you can see printer wheels are becoming dinosaurs but that doesn’t mean you can still find them. With the internet they still can be found but as the years go buy it will start to get a lot harder and I’m sure the prices will go up to.

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