Moderate printing

The Brother printer 1240 is a laser jet printer with many exciting functions. The printer is a not the normal desktop printer weighing in at 69.3 lbs. It is very large at 18.9 x 16.5 x 15.2 inches. It does however perform well in comparison to other printing units of comparable size and features. This 1240 printer would be a great addition to any office that has moderate printing needs, say 30,000 pages printed per month. This is a very good printer for the money. Brother has come through in the printer genre with flying colors.

Forms of printing stock

The 1240 can print in black at 1200×600 dpi. Dpi means Dots per Inch; this refers to the quality of imagery or words that appear on the page. The variance on ppm (pages per minute) between a high quality page and normal doesn’t vary for this 1240 printer. This model operates at 31ppm for black print. This 1240 printer has a standard 1 tray input with an optional tray size increase. The 1240 printer can hold 250 pages for standard print with an optional legal tray and is able to use many forms of printing stock. Some media input types Paper (plain, letterhead, pre-punched, bond, color, rough, preprinted, recycled), laser transparencies, labels, envelopes, and cardstock.

Printer is mainly designed

The 1240 printer is mainly designed for network printing which means that this printer is capable being used on cat 5 network or these connections as well Network adapter, Ethernet, or fast Ethernet. However for wireless networks, extra equipment will surely be needed. For a network printer, this price is relatively cheap for the quality. However, it is important to know that if any printer is used out of its scope or design, it will not be as effective as one would hope. So just remember that each printer has functions and specifications that it works best in. And in order to ensure you will not compromise quality, it is best to use it for those functions. The 1240 will not let any small to large sized office or work space down by any means

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