Functions are garment printing

The Brother Printer GT-541 Garment printer is a black and white laser printer with many functions. The functions are garment printing. The printer is a garment printer weighing in at 220lbs. It is a very large unit that performs as well or better than other units in the same printer class. In fact, this GT-541 Garment printer would be a great addition to any home office or t-shirt maker that needs minimal amounts of garments made. In terms of getting the most bang for your buck, the Brother GT-541 is one of the better choices and worth every dime.

Many forms of printing stock

The GT-541 Garment printer can print in color and in black print at up to 600×600 dpi. There are 4 heads with one for each color making a total of 128 nozzles. Just for your reference, dpi means Dots per Inch; this refers to the quality of imagery or words that appear on the page. The variance on ppm (pages per minute) between a high quality page and normal does vary for this GT-541 Garment printer. One definite benefit of the GT-541 is that the garment printer is able to use many forms of printing stock. The most common media input types you can use are denim, cotton, fleece, and jersey.

Printer is capable

The GT-541 Garment printer is designed for network printing. This means that this printer is capable of being used as a network or personal printer with the ability to connect to Parallel, Ethernet, or USB. The Brother GT-541 creates great detailed color and photo prints. For a personal printer or network printer, the price of the GT-541 is relatively cheap for the quality. However, it is important to know that if any printer is used out of its scope or design, it will not be as effective as one would hope. So just remember that each printer has functions and specifications that it works best in. And in order to ensure you will not compromise quality, it is best to use it for those functions. The GT-541 Garment printer will not let any home office or t-shirt maker down by any means.

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