Old bulky printers

The Canon BJC 3000 is a quality inkjet printer that is a fraction of the cost of its competitors. The printer is very compact, yet performs well for its little size compared to the great old bulky printers of the past. This Canon BJC 3000 would be a great addition to any small office that needs moderate pages per month printed. Not only is the model affordable, but also it comes complete with many printing options that usually only come on higher priced models.

Cartridge is capable of printing

The BJC 3000 prints well in both color and black ink. In fact, this model uses an optional high-speed black cartridge. This cartridge is capable of printing up to nine pages per minute, using 160 print nozzles to achieve optimal speed. For color printing, the BJC 3000 produces good quality at up to four pages per minute. Both black and standard color cartridges operate at a resolution up to 1440 x 720 dpi. Another exciting quality about the Canon BJC 3000 is the optional scanner cartridge, which makes the printer an all-in-one print center. With the scanner cartridge in use, the printer can scan documents for both faxing and copying. It also makes the printer useful for use on the Internet. Although, not the greatest quality, the scanner operates at 720 dpi for color images.

Purchase the printer

The Canon BJC 3000 also has many color printing options. When you purchase the printer, it comes equipped with the BC 33 four color cartridge. If you want to take advantage of the Canon photo-realism system, which makes you able to print photos on glossy photo paper, you can purchase the BC 34 color cartridge. The Canon BJC 3000 offers excellent color print quality. One of the highlights of a Canon printer is that operating costs are usually lower. It is true in this case, as the ink tanks are individual making you able to replace one color individually instead of an entire color set.

Designed for network printing

The Canon 3000 printer was not designed for network printing which means that this printer is not capable being used on cat5 network or for wireless networks. This is mainly a home use printer that gives excellent quality for the money. You can find one cheap, under $100 if you do your homework.

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